Monday 12 February 2018

Changing it up

Hi there everyone
Since the New Year both Martin and I have been filled with a lethargy that we can't explain. Not unhappy, just really, really lazy

To be honest it has started to get us both down a bit. We are normally fairly productive and ever moving forwards and improving one thing or another. The absolute 'have tos' have been done, but the shoulda, woulda, coulda haven’t had a look in. 

I don’t know, maybe after what was a lovely, but fairly hectic November and December, we just needed to stop for a while to take a good breath.
Last week I was even pondering doing a blog post about it ... that Bruno Mars song really sums up how I have been feeling. You know ... "Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed ..."

I’ve even been getting a bit despondent with my Life of Pottering blog, not my actual life of pottering, I’m still very content with that, but lately I’ve been feeling like my blog has become a bit like hard work. A little bit samey. 

It's not that I’ve run out of things to write about, I’ve got a big list, but there seem to be too many holiday or days out posts and not a lot of the daily, more mundane stuff, stuff that's a little bit more personal.

I don't really know what people want to read about ... if anyone other than a few close friends and family read anything anyway and I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that I only get a comment every time there is a blue moon ... that is still the most exciting thing ever, but I’ve discovered a new blog over the last few weeks and I feel like I’ve almost become a bit of a stalker.

I stumbled across 'Tales from a Happy House' from a link in 'Attic 24', another blog that I love to follow. I was really drawn in and went right back to 2012, when Gillian started her blog and I’m slowly making my way back up to present date.

I love her writing, she posts frequently, lots of newsy day to day stuff about things that I really like reading about ... crafting, being at home, getting out and about and she gets sooooooooo many comments ... on every post. I can’t help but admit to having a bit of blog envy.

Anyway, I know in my simple life of pottering I have an awful lot to be grateful for and I really am, believe me, lots of simple things that make me smile every single day. I've been meaning to start just making a note of things that have made me smile and I’ve started doing that this week and I can’t believe what’s happened.

I think waking up to this on Sunday helped ...

Some serious blue sky and lots of bright sunshine, and shadows ...  
This is the view from the landing window, with the blurry shadows of the birds on the landing wall opposite
And this is the comfy corner in the bathroom by the window
There was more of the same outside with the 'spinny thing' in the garden really looking good against the clear blue sky ...

It almost felt like Spring. I got up really early for me for a Sunday and I felt full of energy and inspired and, though I should have been clearing up after the night before, I just started to make a few notes of things that have made me smile this week.

Almost instantly I had a head bursting full of ideas for things that I’d like to write about. Nothing spectacular, just the ordinary everyday like cleaning up the morning after having friends round for dinner, what I’ve been reading and even just the colour purple, not 'The Colour Purple' but just the colour purple.

I felt so inspired that I sat in the comfy chair and spent two hours just drafting out four or five blog posts on my iPad. I then even got out the 'big camera' and, after reminding myself how to use it, stated taking lots of photos.
Don't get me wrong, I still want to do my holiday cottage reviews and write about the places we’ve visited, after all, these posts are a bit of a diary of my life with Martin and they are fairly popular, especially if I share them in the right places.

But I want to start writing a few more personal posts, about random everyday things. It might mean that you get to see more than one post a week from me, if I can manage to find the time. You also might get to have more of a glimpse at the inside of our home.

Anyway, by about 11.00 I thought I'd better crack on with the task in hand and I whizzed through the downstairs, turning it back into the home we know and love. There's nothing like a bit of M People and bright sunshine to get you going.
Please ignore the red carpet ... it's a work in progress!
I didn't even mind that I was on my own, as Martin lolled around in bed until gone 11.30.

Maybe, just maybe, I've got a bit of my mojo back. Now I just need to help Martin find his.


The sunshine wasn’t an all day thing, at lunch time it went pretty grey and we had a quick hailstorm, still blue sky looking in the other direction though .... weird. It didn’t dampen my spirits.

And, as if that wasn't strange enough, later that evening we were snuggled up watching TV in the evening and just happened to notice this through the front door ....
And this morning, this is what we woke up to ...


After all my ponderings, I think it's safe to say that, whether there is anyone else out there reading or not, it’s definitely not time yet for me to give up this little part of the Internet.

If you are out there and you are reading I would love for you to let me know by just dropping me a comment. Go on .... give me something else to smile about 😀


  1. Enjoyed reading Carol, very relatable X

    1. Tracy, You have made my day. Thank you so much for commenting. It's lovely to know that you are following what we are getting up to. x

  2. Hello, I came to your blog to read to Sidneys War but have stayed and enjoy reading your pieces and looking at your photos. I think I have the same feeling as you this year must does getting done but very little else. Nor touched my blog in 7 years maybe its time to return.

    1. Hi Alan. Thank you so much for commenting, it’s lovely to hear from you. Funny you should mention Will Sidney, I have just written another post ready to publish soon. I am also hoping to be able to do a post sharing what he was doing exactly 100 years ago. I know it will have taken a long time to finish his story but I’ve really enjoyed learning about his life in WW1. If you start up your blog again you will have to let me know and I will pop over and see what you are up to. Thanks for following my ramblings, it’s really good to know it’s not just my mum and my husband reading 😃

    2. Sorry Alan, meant to ask ... were you the chap looking into the Yorkshire Dragoon’s?

  3. Hello,Carol. I came to your blog to read and looking at your photos. And still here.

    1. Hi there Elena. I am so glad to hear you are still there, not having heard from you in a while. Thank you so much for letting me know 😃


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