Monday 5 February 2018

Beautiful Britain - Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Hi there everyone

Well, it is at least dry and bright here in Tamworth today, but soooooo cold.

I thought it would be nice to bring a bit of sunshine 🌞🌞🌞 into our lives with this week's post, so I'm taking us back to the Isle of Wight to share the rest of what we got up to after our lovely day at The Needles.

We'd all had such a lovely day we weren't ready to head back to The Grange, so we decided to have a wander round Yarmouth. Now, on the surface Yarmouth appears tiny and, on first glance, you may feel that you would struggle to spend more than half an hour here but we managed to spend a good couple of hours mooching about, following part of the old tourist trail, before ending up in The Bugle for a very nice early tea.

We parked up in the main car park and started our walk by heading away from town, round the lake, towards the old mill building.
The old mill looked beautiful in the afternoon sunshine ...
From the mill we hung a left and came across the old railway station, now converted into a restaurant. This was a real surprise, we'd explored Yarmouth before and had no idea that it used to have a railway station.
From here it was left again, heading back, through quiet residential streets lined with pretty cottages, towards the main part of town ...
Back in the main square, which is well worth exploring, with lots of little shops to mooch about in, we headed out along the old wooden pier, which is always a real treat ...
When we'd visited the island for the day, back in 2016, when we'd been staying in The New Forest, we really loved the look of The Bugle but didn't have time to visit.

This time, it was the perfect spot for a breather before finishing our walk. We weren't disappointed and it was lovely to take the weight off our feet, relax and enjoy a really nice meal with good friends. Not the cheapest, but, in our opinion, definitely worth it.
Refreshed, we were ready to finish off our epic day out and our wander round Yarmouth. We took the road opposite The Bugle and headed towards the harbour, past the entrance to the castle ...
The harbour is always a real hive of activity and we all sat and just watched the world go by in the evening sunshine. It was just lovely ...
Finally it was time to finish our walk and head back to the car park, taking in a couple of interesting pieces of outdoor sculpture on the way ...
It had been a long but lovely day and we were all ready to collapse in front of the TV when we got back to The Grange.

We all really loved the Isle of Wight and I still have lots more to share with you. Our friends have already booked make a return visit this year and I can't deny that I am more than a little envious πŸ˜€

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