Saturday 24 March 2018

50 Things to do before I'm 60 - 2017 Update

Hi there everyone

Remember my '50 things to do before I'm 60'?

When I hit 50 back in 2014 I decided to set myself a list of 50 things that I wanted to achieve by the time I hit 60.

I published the first 10 of my list back in February 2015 and I reviewed how I was getting on a year later here.

Even now, over three years later, there is still one of my original 10 goals that I haven't even made a start on ...
5 - Make something in mosaic

And two that I'm still working slowly towards ....
➤6 - Complete my online photography course
➤9 - Holiday in all of the National Parks of Great Britain

I published goals 11-15 at the beginning of 2016 and these were reviewed at the beginning of last year here.

Over the course of last year a big decision was made on goal number 11 ...

11 - Either go camping again ... or get rid of all the camping stuff
It was with very heavy heart indeed that Martin and I decided that our camping days were over. The creaking joints and aching bones made us decide that we couldn't see us ever packing up all the stuff, loading up the car and living in a tent in all weathers for any length of time again.

We borrowed a friend's garden, set up the tent for one last time, took lots of photographs and advertised it for sale.
We managed to sell it on Facebook, along with a windbreak, camping wardrobe, cupboard, kitchen unit, the electric hook up and a box full of kitchen utensils.

We couldn't bear to part with the camping cooker and lamps, so we will be fine if we ever have a Zombie attack and have no electricity πŸ˜…

Whilst it was a sad day, it was good to have made the decision and the space gained has certainly come in handy.

There is now just the one of goals 11-15 where no progress has been made at all and that is ...
➤14 - Finish off the Explorer 232 Geocaching series
When I did my last review, at the beginning of last year, I said that there hadn't been much Geocaching occurring at all and I wasn't sure whether we'd fallen out of love with it or whether Martin's problems with his ankle and knee had just put us off doing much walking. It was one that I wanted to do more on last year, so I'm a bit disappointed to report no progress at all.

At the beginning of last year it was time to share goals 16-20 and now it's time to let you know how I got on ...

16 - Visit The Kelpies
I am pleased to announce that I now have my very own images of these breathtaking sculptures ...
We managed to pull in a quick visit when we were on our way to Scotland, on holiday with mum and dad in June last year.

They did not disappoint and I would really like to back and explore the area further as there are loads of other things that look like they are definitely worth exploring.

17 - Lose weight, go down four dress sizes!
Now pretty much all life coaches would say that if you write something down you are more likely to achieve it. That definitely has not worked with this one. If anything it was the kiss of death, as all the good work I'd done in the previous year, became very firmly undone. I need to have a chat with myself and get back on it and soon 😊

18 - Become an Auntie again
As I shared last year, my gorgeous new nephew, Bobby, arrived towards the end of 2016 and spending time with him is still an absolute delight. It is wonderful watching him growing and learning new things and just generally wearing himself out whilst loving life ...

19 - Holiday in The New Forest
This one was also achieved at the end of 2016, with our week's stay in Sway ...

and last, but by no means least ...

20 - Go up Snowdon on the Railway
I had so hoped that we would get to do this last year. We spent a long weekend in Betws-y-Coed and actually visited Llanberis, but the weather just hadn't been predictable enough for us to manage to book tickets.

We did make it on to the Llanberis Lake Railway though ...
It didn't quite have the impact that we hope the Snowdon Mountain Railway will have and we are definitely planning yet another return visit. I will get to go on that railway if it kills me.

So, that brings me totally up to date with how I'm getting on with the first 20 of my 50 goals.

  • 14 have been fully achieved
  • 1 continues to progress nicely and
  • 5 have either not yet been started or have come to a grinding halt

I think I may be coming to the point where I have to decide if I really want to do some of these things and, if I do, then properly commit to making them happen.

It's now time to decide on goals 21-25 and I hope to be back very soon to share these with you πŸ˜‰



  1. I like your idea about 50 goals!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Loved the update on your goals & catching up on your previous posts :)

    1. Thanks Netty. I think this year I need to focus on some of those that I haven’t really done anything with as yet ... either that or make the decision as to how important they really are. πŸ˜ƒ


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