Wednesday 15 August 2018

On our Doorstep - Statfold Barn Railway with a Little One!

Hi there everyone 😀

You may remember that back in May this year Martin and I made our first ever visit to the Statfold Barn Railway for their Giant Miniature Weekend

Well, at the beginning of July they also held a Family Day and I really wanted to go back, hoping to see the gardens open. We arranged to meet up with my brother's girlfriend, Alison, and my 18 month old nephew, Bobby.

I will apologise up front and say that this post really is more about Bobby than what we saw at Statfold, but I really wanted to capture the essence of the day.

We arrived about 10.30am and my first thoughts were that it looked fairly quiet compared to the Giant Miniature Weekend, when there had been two fields full of people parked up with miniature engines and lots gong on.

There was still the carousel and a few stalls, but other than that it seemed fairly quiet on the car parking field and nothing going on at all in the second field. It wasn’t many minutes before Alison and Bobby arrived and we decided to head straight for the train and before long we were chugging out to the Roundhouse.

Bobby wasn’t quite sure what to make of the train but he had only just woke up. He was, however, very pleased to spot a windmill in the distance.

At the Roundhouse there was plenty of chance for Bobby to have a good walk around and he was definitely very taken with the huge trucks ...
He loved seeing his reflection in the enormous hub caps ...
... and the wheel nuts were just to die for ...
There were plenty of selfies looking at the different coloured curly wires at the back of the truck, deciding whether he liked the red one, the yellow one or the blue one best ...

When it came to taking photos on a real camera, now that was a bit confusing. Why can't I see myself in that screen 😍
We had a good wander round looking at the trains where there was plenty to explore and even buttons to press!! Perfect for 18 month old little fingers.

By now we were all more than ready for a quick pitstop ...
After lunch we decided we would catch the tram back and were really lucky to be able to sit on the top deck, which was a real treat ...
Back at the main field we had a quick look round and found some birds of prey, which Bobby wasn't too sure about, though I did manage to find a very nice feather for my collection ...
He was a lot more sure of our last stop and didn't need much encouragement to unbuckle his shoes at all ...
It was then time to say our good byes, we'd had a lovely day and I think it's the kind of place where little ones will like different things as they get older but definitely worth a visit if you get the chance.

Sadly, the gardens still weren't open 😞 Maybe next time.



  1. Lovely photos of Bobby from a great day out!

  2. It certainly was, he really is a joy 💜💜💜

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. You're little nephew is adorable:)

    1. He certainly is a cutey, It I am very biased Netty. Lovely to know you are still following, thank you 😃


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