Friday 21 September 2018

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - September, 11-20

Hi there everyone 😀

We are currently in the midst of a two week holiday on the very lovely North Cornwall coast, one of our favourite haunts that we haven't managed to visit for a while. In fact ... we haven't been since well before the start of my blog so I am really looking forward to sharing lots with you when we get back home.

We are staying in a lovely holiday cottage, a 2 minute walk from Widemouth Bay, just outside of Bude. Mum and dad are at their caravan just along the coast, David, Alison and Bobby are in a cottage not too far away and our friends Lesley and Tom have been staying in a chalet on a site a bit further up the coast, they are on their way home as I type.

We've had a lovely first week but are spending a welcome day in ... just chilling, listening to the wind of Storm Bronagh and having a bit of down time.

I'm sure we will back out and about exploring very soon but, for now, here are the small things that have brought me joy so far in September ...
 Day 11 - The plan had been to crack on with taking the bottoms off the dining room doors, after having the new carpet fitted, but rain pretty much stopped play, so we just had an indoors day instead. Paperwork, blogging and ironing for me and bathroom cleaning for Martin. Sounds dull I  know, but we were in the throes of getting through a long old list of jobs before heading off on holiday, so every one ticked off the list is a step nearer to us making our way down to North Cornwall, so there was a fair bit of incentive there to get on with stuff. I also managed to wave good bye to these Christmas tags that I'd made for an old school friend who popped round to collect them. She loved them and I always find it really rewarding seeing how people react to the things that I make for them. 
Day 12 - We managed to take the bottoms off of the dining room doors today and cleaned the bedrooms, so two steps closer to being ready for our holiday getaway. I even managed to make an addition to the pumpkin patch.

Day 13 - This gorgeous bargain autumn print arrived today. I am really excited about putting together an autumnal display on the mantel. I am sure pumpkins will feature highly.
Day 14 - Our long old drive down to the North Cornwall coast took up the best part of the day, the journey broken with an hour or so spent at Sedgemoor services playing with my favourite little monkey. How easily they are entertained and happy they are with the smallest of things as toddlers. This was our first view of the sweep of Widemouth Bay for a good few years and, as always, it was a real delight.
Day 15 - Out for our first wander around Bude and we bumped into this little monkey on the beach ... not on his own I hasten to add! It was his first real play on the beach and he absolutely loved it. It was an absolute joy to watch.
Day 16 - Wool in real autumn shades from the car boot sale in Bude today.
Day 17 - Monday and Lesley & Tom arrived today. They are staying in a holiday chalet not too far up the coast and came to us for breakfast and a wander round Bude whilst waiting to check in. We always have to have a walk out onto the breakwater when in Bude and that was what we did this afternoon. It's not the first time we've been on the breakwater with Lesley, though this time she did manage to stay dry. This was the first of, what I am sure will be many, holiday selfies.

Day 18 - We had a big day out today ... Boscastle, Tintagel, then Crackington Haven on the way back. The majority of photos that I have of Lesley and I are poor quality selfies taken on the phone. It's not very often we have a nice one taken of us on the 'big' camera, but I love this one Martin took of us looking more than a little windswept at the end of the harbour in Boscastle.

Day 19 - Another big day out. This time to Clovelly. Whilst the walk down is always a bit of a killer with our dodgy knees, the view is more than worth it.

Day 20 - It was afternoon tea for eight, nine including a little one, followed by games in the conservatory listening to the rain hammering down on the roof. This little one spent the best part of the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa with Martin, who is not much of a game player, watching TV and generally having fun. It was really heart warming to watch and, if you're wondering why Martin has been chopped out of the photo, it's because the vacuum cleaner was behind him and it just looked a bit shabby. After I realised it was there and moved it no amount of persuasion could get Bobby to look at the camera for a second photo ... sorry Martin.

So that brings us up to the end of the first week of our holiday. You can see what else we get up to for the rest of our stay in my next 'Joy in the Everyday Ordinary' posts coming soon.

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