Saturday 22 December 2018

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - December, 11-20

Hi there everyone 😀

I can't quite believe that it will be Christmas Eve on Monday. Whilst all is ready here ... the presents are wrapped, the trimmings are up, cards have been sent, the food shop has been done and plenty of plans have been made ... I can't say I really feel that Christmassy as yet. Maybe it's an age thing, maybe some of the excitement has finally started to dwindle ... does that happen to everyone, or is it just me?

I am looking forward to it, to spending time with friends and family, seeing the little man get excited, to chilling out and watching some good Christmas films, as well as eating lots of stuff that we only have in at this time of year.

We are off out for our first Christmas social engagement tonight, maybe that will kickstart that Christmas feeling ... I'm sure it will.

For now, here's what we've been up to over the last 10 days ...
Day 11 - Well the wrapping is done. How easy it has been this year, with a change in the way that I've decided to approach Christmas gifts. There's been no stressing over what to get people, no shopping to lists, no marathon wrapping sessions and no need to buy any wrap, cards or tags. It's been a breeze this year and I will tell you more about it in a 'Journey to Less Waste' post in the New Year.
Day 12 - We seem to be having a festive postal delivery every day at the moment and it is a real treat to see those handwritten envelopes with real stamps on them 🎄
Day 13 - I had a gentle day of pottering today, whilst Martin had his last day of work until the New Year. I had an unexpected order for a batch of Christmas gift tags and was more than happy to parcel a stack up and send them off with the postie.
Day 14 - It was Friday, which meant shopping but not before heading to our favourite garden centre for lunch. We had a lazy evening cosied up watching TV films off the planner and making a start of the annual chocolate log.
Day 15 - Finally!!! My Christmas print came, which will replace the Hello Autumn print on the mantel in the lounge. I can now start to put away the autumn bits and get the mantel ready for Christmas.
Day 16 - Sunday, and we met up with David, Alison and the little man at Rosliston Forestry Centre, where we had a good old walk looking for birds, insects and other interesting things. We had a lovely couple of hours, including a couple of pitstops in The Hub Cafe curled up by the fire eating big breakfasts and cake 💜💜💜
Day 17 - It may seem a bit dull but I am truly thrilled to have my replacement extractor fitted and ready to go. We have been living with a gap for a good few weeks and the kitchen has looked like a bit of a war zone whilst waiting for this job to be completed. It was lovely to be able to cook this evening being able to see what was going on. Well done Martin!
Day 18 - It was a wet and windy one today. We spent it hunkered down with the Christmas mantel and didn't do much at all.
Day 19 - It was cold but very bright today and we spent the morning in the garden doing some of those 'end of year' jobs that always get worse as time goes on. Martin then had an unexpected afternoon spent jet washing, of which the patio was in desperate need. It was dark before he came in and our TV watching was interrupted by the annual knock on the door by the local Round Table volunteers heralding the arrival of Santa. I can't claim any responsibility for this photo. I did take some but they were rubbish so I've pinched this one from my neighbour, who got a far better shot. 
Day 20 - I've just had to do a before and after picture to show how fab the patio looks following Martin's efforts yesterday. It all just feels so much cleaner out there now. I'm sure it will need doing again in the spring, but, for now ... it is a pleasure to look at again.

So ... that's it for now. Whilst I don't feel that Christmassy there is lots of Christmas stuff going on, along with those 'end of the year' jobs that we always try and squeeze in so that we feel like we are finishing the year in a good place.

I will be back in the new Year to let you know how the rest of our festive season went, along with a little bit more from Cornwall, plenty from our Somerset holiday back in November and a look at how our 'less waste' Christmas gift giving went down.

Merry Christmas everyone ... See you in 2019 🎄🎆🎇🎈🎉


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