Monday 10 December 2018

Summer Holiday Reading

Hi there everyone 😀

With so many "Christmas at the ..." books out at the moment I thought it was a good time to share my summer reading with you.

Having completely exhausted all of the titles on my bookshelf, back in August I bought six cheap and cheerful holiday reads for our two week break on the North Cornwall coast.

There was nothing mind blowing, I was looking for easy reads with the feel good factor and it had been that long since I’d had a good read that I made a start on the first one before we went away. I just couldn’t resist the lure of those pretty pastel covers and dived straight in.

The Little Flower Shop by the Sea - Ali McNamara

This is the first of Ali McNamara’s books I have read so had no idea what to expect. I loved this one and read it over two nights, so it was definitely a nice easy read and I was sad to come to the end.

Funnily enough it’s based in a fictional Cornwall coastal village which seems to be a bit of a blend of Tintagel, Ports Isaac and St Ives, a part of the country that I love dearly.

It was also about flowers and their meanings, which is something that I found really interesting.

The main plot is about overcoming grief and it really was a lovely read.

Summer on the River

This one was Based in Dartmouth, another beautiful part of the country and somewhere that we’ve visited so it was easy to imagine the locations being described.

It was a bit confusing at the beginning trying to understand who everyone was, especially as the central family seemed to have had that habit of naming the sons after the fathers.

I did eventually get to grips with was who was who and the dynamics of the relationships between the characters and I was gripped.

Again, I finished it over a couple of days before we went away and I did enjoy the read but I was seriously disappointed with the ending. It kind of just finished with no real conclusion and I really wanted to know more.

It’s the first of Marcia Willett's novels I’ve read and I would definitely try another.

Milly Vanilla's Cupcake Cafe - Georgia Hill

Another new author and a book I thoroughly enjoyed. Based on the Dorset coast somewhere not too far away from Lyme Regis I feel.

I did manage to save this one until we were on holiday and I loved getting to know the characters, their history and the relationships that developed along the way.

I really could see myself calling in at Milly's cafe for a piece of cake and a sit with the crossword looking out across the coast.

The Summer Theatre by the Sea - Tracy Corbett

Yet another new author to me and another lovely easy read based by the sea. Based in Cornwall again, bringing back memories of the feel of the Minack Theatre and and the very lovely little village of Mousehole.

It’s a story about getting away from the rat race and taking up a life far less ordinary.

Not that I am in the least bit theatrical the idea of this kind of life is definitely appealing.

Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe - Debbie Johnson

When reading through the front pages of this one I saw that this was not the first book about the Comfort Food Cafe and I was a bit concerned that I perhaps should have read the others first.

It was not a problem, it held its own well, and gave an interesting take on living with a family member in the early stages of Alzheimer’s

Again It’s based on the Dorset coast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely be looking out for more of the Comfort Food Cafe series.

You and me, always - Jill Mansell

I’ve read lots of Jill Mansell's books so knew I couldn’t go far wrong with this one.

It was a lovely book and by the time I’d finished it I knew exactly what I wanted for all of the characters and I was really pleased that everything worked out how I wanted it to.

There were a few twists and turns along the way but another story about people looking for a simpler life and loving it when they find it.


I really feel that I pretty much struck gold with my selection. I loved all six of my summer reads which are now destined to be dropped off at the free book shop in town where I might have a look for some of those "Christmas at the ..." books next to see me through the cold winter nights.

I know they aren't for everyone but ... for me ... sometimes only an easy chick lit read will hit the spot.



  1. I read most of these whilst recuperating over the summer on to my Christmas books nextx

    1. You really can’t beat a nice easy read some times ... I can’t resist the lure of the pastel covers 😃


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