Thursday 22 August 2019

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - August, 11-20

Hello there everyone 😀

I hate to say it but things are starting to feel decidedly autumnal over here ... we even lit candles the other night and not because we had a power cut.

The garden certainly seems to be saying that it's ready to start packing away for the summer ... the baskets are straggly, the sweet peas are tatty, the beans have gone and some of the leaves are even starting to turn. I don't think I'm ready though. I don't feel like we've really had a summer this year. I know we've had some days that have been real scorchers, but we've just had so much rain.

Maybe September will be different ... maybe we will get an Indian summer ... well, it certainly won't be long before we find out.

It does look like the Bank Holiday weekend is shaping up for some sunshine though ... I'm believing in the forecasters and have been writing BBQ menus for the weekend ... I'm keeping everything crossed and will keep you posted ...

For now though ...
Day 11 - It's been ages since I've done any reading at all so I really enjoyed spending time reading the first of my new batch of books from the free bookshop. I must have really enjoyed it as I finished it in just one day.
Day 12 - Martin was back at work and I was flying solo. I did a bit of blogging, a bit of washing, a bit of gardening, a bit of cooking, a bit of tidying and a visit to a neighbour who has not been feeling so good. It was great to get one job off the 'getting the garden ready for autumn' list ... strawberry bed is cleared.
Day 13 - For the first time in ages I had a walk into town to meet up with mum for a good old mooch, where I managed to get a lovely new lavendar plant for just £1!
Day 14 - Today ... it rained ... all day. This parcel of loveliness arrived in the mail though, which really did raise a smile ... as did my walk round to Jackie's in the pouring rain, where we had lunch and just generally sat and chatted the afternoon away.
Day 15 - Now I know this is not the most inspiring of photos and I don't know why but I was on a bit of a mission today. I got up at 6.30am, which is unheard of and just got cracking ... tidied everywhere, stripped, washed and remade the bed, there was washing on the line before 9.00am, again unheard of, vacuumed all through, made a chilli, took down the beans, converted two tatty looking hanging baskets into a reasonable looking pot of late summer colour and picked a container full of blueberries ... and all before 3pm ... I know 😲😲😲
Day 16 - First new flower on the dahlia that we rescued from the 'dead zone' at our local garden centre.
Day 17 - A relaxing morning for me at the hair dressers getting rid of the ever increasing grey.
Day 18 - The last of our regular craft fairs for now ... where we did the best we'd done at this venue all year. It's a lovely way to pass the day, in spite of it being hard work at the beginning and the end of the day. Sitting chilling and chatting the day away. Our next ones will be for Christmas ... oh my goodness, it really is just around the corner.
Day 19 - A nice relaxing Monday for me after a pretty busy weekend. We have decided we are going to give Slimming World a go again and started off with a steak dinner treat.
Day 20 - A day of crafting is always a treat. It's been sooooooo long since I've made any jewellery but thought I'd start early in preparation for Christmas craft fairs.


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