Thursday 12 September 2019

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - September, 1-10

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

Well, it's September ... and that means autumn in my book πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

Time to break out the soup maker and the slow cooker, light the candles and get cosy ... or very hyggley.

Time to start filling up the calendar with autumn catch ups before the Christmas season comes and making the most of every dry day trying to do as much in the garden before the weather really turns and we put it to bed for the winter.

Time to look at the goals and objectives that we had at the beginning of the year and to see what we can do to tick a few more off the list before we roll over into a new year, with new goals and objectives.

We've lots happening this month but for now, here's what we've been up to so far ...
Day 1 - The first day of a new month and a new season and we took advantage of being up early and having given the privet its final trim of the year before deciding to head out for the rest of the day to Wightwick Manor, which was a real treat and started me off on a love affair with the very inspirational William Morris πŸ˜€
Day 2 - Monday, and Martin's last week at work for a while, and I took a break from my Monday morning chores for a quick walk up to Aldi to see if I could find any autumn hanging basket bits for our urn ... after seeing some that Jackie had bought yesterday. They look a little lacklustre but I am hopeful of breathing new life into them.
Day 3 - I had a walk into town to meet mum for a mooch and made another new purchase for the garden. Having seen so many phlox on all of our summer garden visits I will be really pleased to be able to see it in my own garden.
Day 4 - This came in the post today ... isn't it just fabulous? It's destined to be used to make gift cards and I can't wait to get started.
Day 5 - I had the most fabulous day out with Jackie and Rachel visiting the Emma Bridgewater factory. It's lovely being able to spend some real quality time together ... lots more to come about this trip very soon πŸ˜€
Day 6 - I was delighted to save this lot from going to landfill today. I'd been saving them to send off to Terracycle but was really pleased to find a local collection point, which also helps a local primary school raise funds ... definitely a win win!
Day 7 - I went to my local craft group this morning. It's always a lovely morning filled with chat, crafting, a sneaky piece of cake and lots of bits and pieces finding new homes. This morning I came back with a bag full of voile which is destined to be made up into reusable produce bags.
Day 8 - After a very nice breakfast catch up with Jo & Steve, who we haven't seen for far too long, we found this fab buy in a local charity shop, which we just had to buy for a little someone's birthday which is coming up very soon.
Day 9 - It was a wet old Monday and we spent most of the day indoors catching up on chores. We did get to have just a little wander outside though and these asters that I planted from seed in the spring are still looking fabulous ... so colourful.
Day 10 - Today was glorious and we spent pretty much all of it out back doing the last tidy up for a while. The plan had been to empty all of the remaining summer pots but there is still so much colour in some of them that we ended up putting all the best bits into the urn for a fresh burst of colour for just a little longer.



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