Monday 8 November 2021

Our Step Challenge

Hi there everyone 😃

In our quest to get a little bit fitter and to help Martin’s ankle recovery we have set ourselves a goal of walking at least 2000 steps a day. I know it may not sound like much … but for us it’s more about getting into the routine of moving our bodies just a little bit more.

We started when we were on holiday back at the end of September and we’ve carried on since we’ve got back home. Our only acceptable excuse, or reason, for not doing our daily walk is if we have a good day working in the garden.

For November I thought I’d take a photo each day on our walk and make a note of how far we’d gone … for two reasons really … firstly to hold us accountable and secondly to see if we are managing to perhaps walk a bit further over time.

So here we go with our first week of November walks …

1st … 2109
We dropped mum off at a funeral at the crematorium in Fradley and, while we were waiting for her, rather than sitting in the car and doing the crossword, we had a good wander round the grounds …
2nd … 5106
We headed over to Lichfield for a bit of a wander and a bit of Christmas shopping. It was a glorious autumnal day …
3rd … 2000
We have discovered a roundabout route to our local Co-op, where we buy sourdough, that takes us just 2000 steps …
4th … Garden leaf clearing
The forecast for today was good and we had the day earmarked for a good tidy up in the garden … mainly leaf clearing … which for us at this time of year is a bit like painting the Fourth Bridge. We soon managed to fill a wheelie bin and two huge black sacks, before heading back into the warm for home made soup and sourdough …

5th … 2510
Today we just had a wander up our main road to Aldi to pick up a few bits and pieces … normally a trip that would be made in the car. On the way back we finally got to have a closer look at the veg stall outside our local Polish supermarket, which we have regularly admired from the car when passing …
6th … 2231
After a very relaxing and mindful morning at my local craft group we just had a wander down to our local nature reserve for a short walk before getting the heating on and settling in for a chilled out wintry afternoon …
7th … 2462
We were back to Lichfield today to meet some very good friends for brunch. We deliberately parked the other side of town so we could have a bit of a walk …
… before enjoying our very nice breakfast treat … we may not have made the best choice from a ‘nourishing’ point of view … but we both enjoyed every single mouthful and that’s every bit as important …
Just had to add this fabulous, definitely Instagrammable, photo Hannah took of our breakfasts as it puts mine a bit to shame … though it did take a fair bit of effort 😜

So all is going to plan so far … I’ll be back next week to let you know how we are get on over the next seven days 😃



  1. That is a really good idea - like you say - makes you accountable. I started #walk1000miles a few years ago - almost as a whim (but with hindsight it was for my mental health) with the view to get fitter. Now into my third year, it does get easier - so keep at it and enjoy getting out and about (and sharing the photos and stories here!)

    1. 🤞🤞🤞 we can keep it up … unless we are on holiday we are not very good at just walking for walking’s sake 😃

  2. What a good idea. You have some great photos there to remember each day by….love the wellies. Also a good idea to start low, especially if the weather turns - then it won’t be so far to get home.


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