Wednesday 1 December 2021

Our Step Challenge #4

Hi there everyone πŸ˜ƒ

Well … I’m pleased to be able to share the last update on ‘Our Step Challenge’ for November and I’m even more pleased to be able to say that we managed to achieve our goal of walking, at least, 2000 steps each day for the whole of November. In fact … for the last week we managed to hit our increased target of at least 2250 steps … even in the snow ❄️❄️❄️

So … for the last time … here we go …

Monday, 22nd … 2882
On Monday we had our first real frost and it was just a tad nippy for our walk, which was a roundabout wander to the Co-op for sourdough …
Tuesday, 23rd … 4931
Today we had a drive into town and parked further away than usual before having a wander to complete some errands. It wasn’t the brightest of days but at least it was dry …

Wednesday, 24th … 2917
On Wednesday we had a wander round our local garden centre and did a few errands, as well as another leaf clearing session in the garden … and I forgot to take any pictures πŸ˜ƒ

Thursday, 25th … 2732
On Thursday we just had a walk for walking’s sake. We headed down to the nature reserve and actually walked round the lake for the first time, which made a nice change …

Friday, 26th … 3205
Friday was another day for running errands and we had a walk to drop our duvet at the local laundrette for cleaning and came the long way back …
Saturday, 27th … 2668
Today we had a small flurry of snow … and it was a very cold circuit of the nature reserve …

Sunday, 28th …2473
A quick wander to Jackie’s and then back to the Co-op for milk …
Monday, 29th … 2436
Today we had proper snow … and lots of it. We were in two minds about heading out in case it was a bit slippy but we went for it and ended going a bit further than we thought we would …
Tuesday, 30th … 2546
For the last day of our challenge it was another day of errands … garden centre, Asda and M&S and we were both surprised at how quickly we clocked up and just over our goal …
So that’s it for our November step challenge. We managed to get out and walk every single day … not something that either of us would normally do. We were both hoping that it would get easier on the old creaky knees the more we did it but that doesn’t really seem to have been the case.

I suppose the big question now is … will we continue with it? I’d like to think that we will … though we may not feel too guilty if we miss the odd day here and there 😜



  1. Well done both of you - definitely keep it up - I thought I'd never get fitter or faster or this or that once I'd started my walking challenge and on the first year I was still walking right up to New Year's eve to reach my target. I am in my third year now and I have beaten each year as I have got much fitter and (yay) slimmer - not lighter - I've not lost weight but I have slimmed down. It is a slog but there are many more lovely miles than rubbish ones and the more I do the more I love and want to do 😁
    check out walk1000miles on FB or on line - it is run by Country Walking magazine and there is a lovely community of walkers out there all doing the same - doing it for themselves xx


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