Friday 17 December 2021

Photo Scavenger Hunt :: December #3 … Homemade

Hi there everyone😃

We were away last week and I didn’t manage to take part in Astrid’s Photo Scavenger Hunt but we are back home now and ready for this week’s challenge which is … Homemade.

Now normally I would have loads of stuff to share with you on this subject … but this year has been a bit light on the homemade side … there’s not even been much baking going on.

After one of our daily walks and suffering with cold ears I did have a bit of a crochet spurt and made a couple of headband/ear warmer thingys … which turned out ok but aren’t they most flattering on me, which I find really frustrating as they seem to look lovely on everyone else …
Having seen these … mum put in an order for one, which I’ve jazzed up a bit and the fact that I’ve gathered it a bit before putting on the flower means it doesn’t look quite so severe around the forehead …
Other than than and making a start on an embroidery project the only thing I’ve really made is this one Christmas gift … which I can share with you as Bobby is only five and doesn’t read my blog so there will be no surprises spoilt …
He’s not actually lost any teeth as yet but I’ve been promising to make him a tooth fairy pillow for when he does and I reckon I am probably on borrowed time … hopefully it won’t be too long before he gets to use it … and that he still likes dinosaurs when he finally does.

That’s it for me … I’m off to see what everyone else has been up to 😃


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  1. I missed this one too, but then noticed it wasn't on the link up. I've added it so others can see it if they go back and look!
    Your headbands are lovely! I don't think they look good on me either, but they keep my ears warm which is much more important.
    The tooth fairy pillow is so sweet, I'm sure he loved it!


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