Thursday 25 August 2022

Exploring :: The South East #6 … Great Dixter

Hi there everyone 😀

We are back in the South East for this week's post where our visit was a really good chance to tick lots of new places that I’d wanted to visit for ages off the list ... the gardens at Great Dixter being another.

I’d probably seen and heard about the garden on Gardeners' World or something similar, but it was a fair while ago and I really had no idea what to expect. Whilst not a National Trust garden, we did manage to use our Gardeners' World magazine two for one ticket so it was another fairly inexpensive afternoon out.

I have to say that from the minute we passed through the entrance gate we knew it was going to be special …

It just looked so natural and abundant … and was so full of planting. We started to the right of the house with the sunken garden and I was literally blown away. I could have spent hours just taking it all in … it was just stunning … an absolute riot of colour and planting, set against the red brick of the oast houses, with the bluest of skies …
It really was magical and I could have stayed there all day, but we eventually dragged ourselves away to see what else the garden had to offer.

The house itself is also beautiful and totally enveloped by the garden ...
You can also actually have a look round inside the house and it is definitely worth a look. I didn't take any photos though ... this visit for us was definitely more about the garden ... 
Having had a really good wander around I couldn't resist another look back into the sunken garden, where we'd started ...
All that was left for us to do was to find a perfect picnic spot ... and that is exactly what we did ...

I am so glad that we got to visit this garden ... it really was beautiful, so full of beautiful planting and is such a lovely setting ... I would definitely recommend a visit if you get the chance 😀



  1. We too loved Great Dixter & I took a good many photos, especially all the beautiful pots, the veg garden & outbuildings too. We even got told a bit of it's history etc, because one of the volunteers realised I was Australian & that was nice. I do have one of Christoper Lloyd's very old books, so know some of his work. Have you been to David Austin Roses...........another amazing place. Thanks for sharing & take care.

    1. Hi there Susan ... it really is a beautiful garden, I'm so glad we finally got to visit. Not been to David Austin roses but we do sometimes pass signs for it when we are on the way to our new holiday lodge, so it's definitely one to add to the list :)


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