Tuesday 27 May 2014

Buzzards View to Eglwysbach on Film

You'll know from my previous post how much Martin and I loved the last few miles drive to Buzzards View.  You'll also know that I said I'd hung out of the sun roof of the old lady and filmed the journey both ways.

I've now had chance to have a play with the film and here it is. This is our journey from Buzzards View down to Eglwysbach village on the loveliest day of our week's holiday.  I'm afraid it's a bit bumpy, but it was ........... a bit bumpy!

I hope you like it.

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  1. Hello Carol and Martin, what a surprise to find my cottage in such detail on your blog with such beautiful photos. Loved it! Can't find how to open that film of our lovely drive up but that's probably me. Never had a problem before with noisy neighbours but there again not had groups of young people before playing loud base music, would disrupt anyones peace so jolly bad luck there! Normal noise just doesn't travel through half metre thick walls but a base beat at high volume vibrates. How annoying, I will discourage that in future! The cottages are designed to live in so we did not scrimp on any aspect, also it was great fun to lavish them and adorn them with all my favourite things including my favourite movies. I treat them like my babies and bring them back to good as new each week knowing that most people will appreciate the attention to detail. You guys did and that's just great! Well come back and stay in Red Kites next time as an upgrade on me, know you loved Red Kites so to make up for over enthusiastic neighbours. Have fun in your future pottering. Regards Lucyx


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