Tuesday 27 May 2014

Eglwysbach - North Wales - Back to Betwsy, Colwyn Bay and Home

Day 6 - Wednesday
Today is our fifth wedding anniversary.  We always tend to be away for our anniversary, though we don't normally do anything particularly special on the day.  This year I had put together a photo book of our most memorable moments since our wedding day, but I'm rubbish at keeping secrets so I had already given this to Martin a month or so ago. Seriously, I am completely rubbish.

We woke up to the first real rain we've seen this week and decided that we would head back into Betwsy and have a wonder round the shops, pick up a few caches we missed yesterday, with our detour off the A5, and have a meal out as it was our anniversary.

We had a really nice wonder around in and out of the rain.  I had only said yesterday that we hadn't worn our waterproofs, well they earned their place in the car today.

We picked up a couple of caches, one by an old miners bridge which was really strange as it was really steep going from a lower bank on one side of the river to a higher one on the other side.  It was so steep that there were footholds to help you climb it.  It was well worth a look and, yet again, something we would never have seen if it weren't for geocaching, it's just not somewhere you would stumble across.
We did the obligatory visit to Swallow Falls, both squeezing through the turnstiles.  I remember visiting here years ago and two of us squeezing through in one go so we only had to pay once.  Not much chance of that now.

The falls were as impressive as ever, even in the wind and the rain, and we took lots of photos that I am sure we have already go back home from years ago, not taken of us on our fifth wedding anniversary though.

After we'd finished at the falls we headed into the Swallow Hotel over the road to dry off and have a late lunch, before heading back to Buzzards View for a nice relaxing evening just chilling out.

Day 7 - Thursday
We woke up to more rain and decided to have a drive along the Colwyn Bay Coast.  Martin said it wasn't anything exciting but I'd never been.  Martin was right.  Whilst there is a lovely long sandy beach, which I'm sure gets packed on hot summer days, for a wet and windy day in May it was a bit disappointing.

There is currently lots of engineering work going on and the beach is pretty much off limits whilst big diggers are doing their stuff with sea defences and big pipes.

We drove along the coast to Llandudno, doing our usual, picking up caches on the way.  We both agreed we'd never seen so much litter and decided that we'd pack up and head into the fish and chip restaurant in Conwy, where we'd had great chips on the quay earlier in the week, for fish and chips, to save cooking tea.

Haddock and chips more than lived up to expectations and brightened up our day, before heading back for our last evening at Buzzards View before heading home.

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