Wednesday 21 May 2014

Eglwysbach - North Wales - Bodnant Gardens

Day 4 - Monday
Today, we spent the afternoon at Bodnant Gardens.  A National Trust property literally just down the road from where we were staying.
From the minute we entered the garden we were enthralled with the place.  It was beautiful and we could see that it would still be beautiful, but completely different, in another month or so too.  It's one of those gardens where something always looks fabulous but you can see that there is still lots to come.

It was pretty hilly and steep in places but we managed to have a really good three or four hours wondering around the different parts of the garden, though the map did leave a bit to be desired.  At one point we found out we were completely at the opposite end of the garden to where we thought.  We felt a bit better when another couple heard us talking and said they'd done exactly the same thing.
At this time of year the rhododendrons are spectacular, a whole array of bright colours, which take your breath away.   

We were a little too early to see the laburnum arch in its full splendour but we could see how impressive it will look in a few weeks time.

Bodnant is one of those gardens where there is always something interesting to catch your eye and we both took stacks of photos and not just of flowers.  The layout of the garden leads you to surprises round every corner, with interesting planting and features, such as the Old Pin Mill and the waterfall. 

The garden is a great mixture of formal and natural planting, with the bluebell wood being one of my favourite bits.  Martin really liked the garden down by the stream.

This year Bodnant is having a photography competition and we will be having a really good look through what we've taken to see if there anything that looks like it will pass muster.  The theme of the competition is about why you love Bodnant, so we will really will need to give that some thought.

By the time we made it back to the car we were both creaking at the joints and I was really looking forward to a nice soak in the huge bath overlooking the open countryside once we got back to Buzzards View, followed by another nice and easy picky tea.

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