Monday 13 May 2019

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - May, 1-10

Hi there everyone 😀

If we are friends on Facebook then you will be more than aware that we are just back from a week staying on the Llyn Peninsular in North Wales, where mum and dad came to stay for a few days too.

We've had a week that has been anything but ordinary, managing to tick three things off my list of the 50 things I want to do before I'm 60 and I'm pleased to report that all three exceeded my expectations, two of which are more than likely to be repeated ... hopefully with blue skies and sunshine.

We all loved the Llyn Peninsular and I have plenty of places and pictures that I will be sharing over the coming weeks, but for now ... here are our highlights ...
Day 1 - We go away on Friday so this week was a case of Tuesday ... gardening, today ... ironing and cleaning and tomorrow packing and shopping. It was a lovely day and we would both much rather have spent it chilling in the garden, but there is nothing nicer than knowing that everything is done before going away. It makes home all the nicer to come back to. It looks like this beauty will come into its own whilst we are away ... this is the first of, what I hope will be many, frilly purple blooms over the summer 💜
Day 2 - Finally ... we managed to get to our favourite garden centre in time for the breakfast serving and what a treat it was too. Definitely worth the wait.
Day 3 - We'd both forgotten what a long old drive it is to this part of Wales. Although it's only about 120 miles it took us over four hours, though we did have a lunch stop on the way. Seeing our view out of our back door for the next week made it well worth the effort though 💜
Day 4 - Our first full day and we met up with some old friends for breakfast before heading out for a drive along the coast. We didn't intend to do the walk along the beach to Ty Coch and the lifeboat station, but having been faced with this view from the car park, we just couldn't wait to get on the beach.
Day 5 - Mum and dad arrived to stay with us for a few days today and we spent the afternoon visiting Plas yn Rhiw, the closest National Trust property to where we were staying. It is an absolutely lovely spot overlooking the coast and the gardens were small but absolutely stunning and full of colour. It was a bit dull for most of our visit but the sun did put in a brief appearance before we left.
Day 6 - Today I ticked off one of the 50 things I want to do before I'm 60. We finally got to go up Snowdon on the railway. It was brilliant and did not disappoint. Whilst we didn't have blue skies and sunshine, we did have clear visibility at the top and we both have already said that we'd love to do it again.
Day 7 - Today was our 10th wedding anniversary and there were a lot of Wow! moments. We all achieved and saw far more than expected when setting out in the morning ... but this view of Porthor Beach or 'Whistling Sands' took my breath away ... it's definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever come across.
Day 8 - Today I ticked another thing off my list of 50 things to do before I'm 60. We got to visit Portmeirion. Whilst the weather was a bit dull, it was lovely and quiet and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Definitely another one for another visit with some blue sky and sunshine.
Day 9 - Today we spent the morning visiting Nant Gwrtheyrn, a heritage centre located in a former quarrying village on the northern coast of the peninsular. We had no idea what to expect but were very pleasantly surprised. The drive down was an adventure in itself and the views on the way down were spectacular.
Day 9 - Today we were heading for home and leaving via the bumpy drive to our holiday cottage for the last time. I somehow think we will be back and not before too long ... I hope.
Day 10 - Back home with some sunshine which gave us chance to have a good look at what has been going on in the garden whilst we've been away. This beauty looked amazing in full bloom in the sunshine.

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