Thursday 8 October 2020

The Reading Corner :: September

Hi there everyone 😀

I really am surprised at how little reading I did in September. We had a fortnight's holiday and normally I would do a fair amount of reading tucked up in our holiday cottage.

This time though, it was different. I still went armed with a good selection of reading material but the weather was just so fan-flippin-tastic, that we didn't spend much time in at all.

There was just time to squeeze in one read ...

Echo Burning
Lee Child
This is the 5th in the series, so I have just one more left to read of the first six of the series that I borrowed from my good friend's library.

It was the same old Reacher ... moving on from trouble and pretty much ending up jumping right out of the fat and straight into the fire.

Hitching a lift and getting picked up unusually quickly by a seemingly damsel in distress, who didn't take long to suss out that Reacher may just be the answer to all her troubles.

Jack is soon faced with a proposition which he turns down flat, but I was really keen to see how this one played out.

Whilst Jack sticks to his guns it wasn’t long before things escalated and, whilst not responsible, Jack wanted to try and help resolve what seemed like an inevitable end for the damsel, who was now definitely in distress ... or was all not quite as it seemed and had Jack really been totally played this time?

Knowing Jack, this didn’t seem likely ... thoug it was looking more and more like it. In the end all was definitely not as it seemed but you have to get up very early in the morning to pull one over on Jack Reacher and, as ever, his perception was pretty much bang on the money.

The tale ends with Jack just sloping off without even a good bye ... to continue his travels to goodness only knows where ... and what.

I'm still hooked 😀


I have just reminded myself of the reading challenge that I set myself for this year. I wanted to read at least two books a month. 

We are into month nine and so far I have read 18 novels and 2 cookery books, I'm not really sure that I can count the cookery books.

That's six more to go before the end of the year ... hopefully, with the weather looking the way it is, I should just about be on target.

I have to say that, with the amount of time we've all had to spend at home this year, I am a bit surprised that I've read so little ... but still, it's more than I did last year, so I'm ok with that 😀


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