Monday 1 March 2021

The Reading Corner :: February 2021

Hi there everyone 😀

It was very much looking like there would be no 'Reading Corner' post for February ... but I managed to sneak just one read in ... right at the very end of the month ...

The Book of Two Ways 
Jodi Picoult

Now this was something totally different to what I’ve been reading lately, very interesting and extremely thought provoking.

It’s been a while since I’ve read one of Jodi Picoults books but I’ve always enjoyed them and the deep messages that they share.

This was one I had for my birthday back in November and it had sat on the bedside table for a good few weeks before I felt ready to dive in.

The main character started out as an Egyptologist. Circumstances interrupted her initial path and she ended up acting as a death doula, someone who pretty much is there to help the terminally ill to prepare for the inevitable. Having just recently lost my dad I was interested to see what this really entailed and how it would be woven into the tale, as it sounded like something that could be pretty worthwhile.

The book started off with a lot of technical stuff ... about Egyptology and The actual ‘Book of Two Ways’ and then Quantum physics and the theory that we could all be living an infinite number of lives in different universes, depending upon the paths we choose. I ploughed on through and we were soon back in the present day finding out more about the value of the death doula.

There were some really interesting questions raised ... When facing death what goes through your mind ... is it missed opportunities? What might have been had we chosen different paths? Is anything really meant to be? Would it be good to be able to go back and pick up an old thread to see where it might lead?

One paragraph which really struck a chord, and I know it’s because of dad, was the description of how a body actually dies ... from spending lots of time with dad over the last month or so it certainly felt a pretty accurate description.

It was one of those books which jumped about a bit from a time point of view but it was easy to follow and I couldn’t put it down, once I’d got past the technical stuff, which was intrinsic to the plot. I couldn’t wait to find out how things ended for everyone.

I really enjoyed it and was quite sad when it came to an end 😊


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