Friday 11 June 2021

Photo Scavenger Hunt June #2 :: Berry

Hi there everyone 😀

Here we are, another Friday ... and time to link up with Astrid for this week's photo scavenger hunt.

The word for this week is ... ‘berry’

I’m wondering if Astrid went with berry for this week as normally we are at the height of the strawberry harvest so I felt I had no choice but to compare this year in the strawberry bed to years past.

It took but a quick flick through my iPad gallery to find these ...
21 June 2015
23 June 2016
There was not much of a harvest in 2017 as the garden was thick was the dust of renovation ...
2018 saw us getting back to normal ...
10 June 2018

12 June 2019

21 June 2020
We eat them with afternoon tea ...

... and we eat them for breakfast in the garden...
It will be a while yet though ... before we are eating any this year ...
Today :: 11 June 2021
And just to mix it up a little bit ... we also do pretty well with blueberries ...

The word for next week is flag so I’m off to get my thinking cap on 😃



  1. My strawberry harvest is nearly over but then I grow them in pots in the greenhouse. I gave up growing them outside as the slugs and snails had more than I did! I do have a few plants outside and I noticed today their fruits are beginning to form so I might be lucky to eat a few more. Love your pictures of strawberry harvests over the years.

    1. We do seem really lucky with our strawberries ... these all come from about four original plants I had years ago. I actually gave away over 100 self set plants from runners last year when I thinned the bed out. It’s just amazing how they multiply. I try and take our any each year that haven’t produced fruit and let some new ones take their place 😃

  2. Everything is late this year for us both in Yorkshire and Scotland. After being wet and sodden for most of May we are now dry and parched - not brilliant for growing things. Hopefully your strawberries will catch up.

    1. I’m keeping everything crossed. The weather has been the same here. We seemed to have jumped straight into summer after a winter which seemed to last forever 😃

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous, your very own strawberries and blueberries! They both look absolutely amazing and so delicious. At least you have something to look forward to this year with a late start.
    Thanks for sharing, too bad it's not the real thing!

    1. I must admit I do love being able to harvest from the garden. We also have lots of sour cherries and quince, which are good for jam making. I often end up giving these away to friends as we have more than we can use 😃

  4. Finally being able to catchup with the hunter's after storm issues. Your berries look lovely and although I had plenty of blueberries, my strawberries were very slow & didn't do much at all. Take care & hugs.

    1. Thank you. I’m hoping for a good crop this year as we rejuvenated the bed last year. I actually ended up giving about 100 self set plants away 😃


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