Saturday 9 June 2018

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - June, 1-7

Hi there everyone 😀

We are just back from a week spent on the North Yorkshire coast and it's time for the first of my Joy in the Everyday Ordinary posts for June.

In this series of posts I am trying to share an image each day that just captures something that gave me reason to smile, something that may not be quite significant enough to warrant a post of its own, but something that is most definitely worth remembering.

As we were away on holiday this first week of June was really anything but ordinary, but here are a week's worth of images that show just some of the things that made me smile ...

Day 1 - We were off for a week's holiday on the North Yorkshire coast, staying in The Piggery in the tiny village of Ugglebarnby. Our week started off with our annual weekend catch up with old work friends and we just about had time to unpack the car and admire the view before heading off to Robin Hood's Bay to meet up with the rest of the crew for fish and chips by the sea.

Day 2 - Today we were in Whitby, where we had a good mooch about before stopping on the harbour side for crab sandwiches, followed by ice creams for lunch.

Day 3 - We met up in Robin Hood's Bay for a walk along the Cinder Path to Boggle Hole, where we were refreshed by cake at the Youth Hostel, before walking back along the beach.

Day 4 - The first day of our holiday on our own and we opted for a spot of Geocaching in Whitby, in the rain. We were both chuffed to bits to find the bench with the plaque confirming the view that inspired Bram Stoker to include Whitby as the location for his famous Dracula tale ... not that there was much of a view to be seen today.

Day 5 - Another day out and about exploring, this time on the west side of Whitby. We actually managed to see just a tiny bit of blue sky, even though it was blowing a bit of a hooley!

Day 6 - We were both in need of a bit of a rest day and we spent the day just lolling around The Piggery, where I made a start on my next craft project.

Day 7 - The last full day of our holiday and yes, there was sunshine, and plenty of it. We had the loveliest of days working our way up the coast via Runswick Bay and Staithes. We ended up in Saltburn-by -the-Sea, which was a real treat and absolutely beautiful. We finished the day with the best fish and chips ever, eaten on a bench on the pier. A lovely end to our week away 😀


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