Monday 18 June 2018

Isle of Wight - The Best of the Rest #1

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

Martin is back at work after having three weeks off and it feels just a little bit strange here this morning ... it is so very quiet. It's the perfect time to crack on with some posts I've been trying to find time for, starting with this throwback to our Isle of Wight holiday last September.

Some of our closest friends are driving down to Lymington to catch the ferry over to Yarmouth as I type and I can't help but be more than a tiny bit envious. I'm sure I will be getting photos later captioned "We're on the ferry" and "We're at The Needles!"

I've already done a number of posts about our visit last year if you want to catch up ...
and last, but by no means least ...
You would think we would be hard pushed to have fit anything else in but we most certainly did so here we go with the best of the rest of the island that we managed to visit ...

(10.07am ... Just received a video clip from our friends ... they are on the ferry!)

Bembridge Life Boat Station
We both really loved the life boat station at Bembridge. 
We were lucky enough to find it open so we had a wander out ...
We had a good chat with the volunteer ladies who were looking after visitors about how proud the lifeboat captain was of his boat and how hard the team worked to keep it looking absolutely immaculate ... and it most definitely was. 

Sadly we were unable to return later in the evening, when a demonstration launch was taking place, but they did lift the doors just a little bit for us so we could see the ramp down to the sea ...
There were some great views back to shore of the beach huts, which are always worth a snap or two  ...

We had a walk along the small prom where we could look back across at the lifeboat station before heading into Bembridge village, which definitely worth a mooch round.
Godshill is a lovely quaint little village, but quite touristy, with plenty of tea rooms for cream teas and gift shops for browsing.

One of it's main attractions is the model village and, as model villages go, I would say it's well worth a visit and we really enjoyed it. There is a real attention to detail and I did take lots of photos so I've tried to just pick out my favourites ...
The model airfield is the first thing that you see 
There are plenty of models of the island's pretty thatched cottages

Shanklin Chine
Of course it wouldn't be a real model village if it didn't include a model of the model village!
All Saints Church - you can just see the real church in the background, to the left of the tower behind the tree. If you stand in the right spot you can see the real church, the model church, the model of the model church and then the model of the model of the model and even a titchy model of the model of the model of the model!
St Catherine's Lighthouse
It was a bit wet and grey when we took our walk down to the lighthouse, but still definitely worth a look ...

Freshwater Bay
Just beautiful!

Isle of Wight Day
We had been lucky enough to time our visit, totally coincidentally, with the Isle of Wight Day celebrations and we spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine, eating ice creams and watching the parade ...

Shanklin Old Village
Full of pretty thatched cottages and tea rooms. We couldn't resist a quick cream tea ...


I think I'm going to leave it there for today. I've still got a good few places to tell you about, but the sun is shining here and the garden is calling, so I'm going to head out there for an hour and will be back later in the week to share the final bits of the Isle of Wight that we got to see with you πŸ˜€

My friends will have arrived by now, so I'm sure I'll be receiving the "We're at The Needles!" message very soon!


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