Friday 17 September 2021

Photo Scavenger Hunt :: September #3 … Fall

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

This is a bit of a funny one … though it wasn’t at the time … and I know this isn’t really what Astrid really had in mind when setting the word Fall for this week’s challenge …

Last week I noticed that a spider had caught a bee in it’s web, hanging off our urn, and was pretty much cocooning it. I thought Bobby would find it fascinating so got my phone to take a photo.

Well … my photo taking didn’t go to plan and I ended up stepping back falling down the step on the patio and ended up spread-eagled on the floor with the side of my head banging against the razor sharp render on the side of the house.

My fall left me with grazed arms and legs and a black eye that I’m now quite proud of … I looked like a kid that had fallen of their bike.

Anyway … whilst I was laying on the floor mopping up a cut on my forehead all I could think of was getting Martin to take the photo before the spider either disappeared or ate the bee.

Was it worth it? I will let you judge for yourselves …

Apparently Bobby was pretty impressed so that was a win for me .

Now for a few more fall like photos … from the garden as it is now …still with plenty of late summer colour …

Still plenty left to harvest …
Still a few jobs being undertaken … finally got the bench painted …

… and plenty left for the birds over winter …

The question now will be … do I dump the hanging baskets before we go on holiday or leave them in the hope they still look good when we get back … experience tells me to empty them, but I hate bringing something flowering to the end of its life too soon πŸ™ˆ



  1. Glad you are recovering after your fall. The photo is stunning and well worth the effort. At least you did not suffer as badly as Eric Hosking who lost an eye from an owl attack while photographing owls. You can read about this in his autobiography An Eye For A Bird. Your garden photos are wonderful. Great to see so much colour still around. Take care, especially if you are going to play with a ball for next week!

    1. Thank you. The garden is a real riot of reds and purples at the moment and we seem to still be having a few nice sunny days. Definitely no ball shenanigans for next week … just a gentle trawl of the archives and a bit of creative licence I think πŸ˜ƒ

  2. That was a spectacular fall but the picture (that YOU never took in the end!!!) is excellent!!.You still have a lovely lot of colour in your garden. Mine is fading, rapidly. I too hate chucking out hanging baskets when they are really past it, or I want to replant for the next season. I usually tip out the whole contents and put it in a flower pot with earth in. I don't plant it, just dump it. This past year the old violas from over winter just bloomed and bloomed all through summer. I love the colour of your bench. Have a good holiday - in fact, have a BALL. ⚾πŸ₯ŽπŸ€

    1. Haha … I see what you did there. Last year I salvaged the fuchsias from the hanging baskets and ‘dumped’ them all in a big pot and they survived really well. So far I have ditched two and a half of the baskets but the urn is still going strong so I may leave that until we are back. It is still looking really colourful out there at the moment but I am slowly starting to chop bits down … salvias next I think πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Oh my, that was certainly not the fall I was thinking of! I hope by now you're fully recovered.
    Great photo, just a tad eerie! Your flowers are gorgeous, such beautiful colours.

    1. Yes all recovered now thank you. He loves anything a bit gruesome πŸ™ˆ


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